Are you too busy to work with Dr. Hudson one-on-one? 

We believe the best way to get fast, meaningful change is with live  coaching with Dr. Hudson but we do have another option.  Coaching for Physicians has a number of online CME approved courses that may suit your need. You can work on them when you have the time and eLearning will give you an opportunity to get an understanding of soft skills and their value for interpersonal issues.Take a look at our online shop…  Our  online E-learning center so you can develop your people skills 24 hours a day andon your time fram.  Most of our courses have CME credit and new titles are being added regularly.


We have several courses available including:

Anger Management for Physicians (CME 2.5)

Body Language for Physicians (CME 2.5)

Soft (People) Skills for Physicians (CME 2.5)

Physician Burnout/Work Life Balance (CME 2.5)

Time Management for Physicians (No CME) for Physicians

Anger Management for Physicians
Specialized anger management coaching for individual physicians and surgeons
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